Marilyn Victor and Michael Allan Mallory

Snake Jones
Zoo Mysteries


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KILLER INSTINCT:  Four gray wolves are illegally shot in the North Woods of Minnesota and zoologist Lavender "Snake" Jones joins a team of wildlife investigators to discovery why.  Threats from a local eco-terrorist group escalate an already tense situation with local anti-wolf ranchers. When a suspect is murdered, Snake finds herself entangled in a desperate struggle to trap the killer whose gun sights are now set on her!


"Killer Instinct is both a great entertainment and a compelling mystery, with a strong sense of place (fans of Kent Krueger take note) and really cool, interesting characters. Marilyn Victor and Michael Allan Mallory have seamlessly combined their voices into a well-tuned and expressive unison."
      - Crimespree Magazine

"Marilyn Victor and Michael Allan Mallory skillfully capture the subtle nuances of human and wolf behavior in their newest Snake Jones charmer. Killer Instinct is a page-turning delight, the perfect blend of mystery and wildlife. Highly recommended for both crime fiction and wilderness enthusiasts."

     - Anne Frasier, USA Today bestselling author.

"For a howling good time, pick up the new Snake Jones mystery, Killer Instinct.  Dead wolves and dead suspects make this north woods chase a provocative eco-thriller." 
    - Julie Kramer, award winning author of Stalking Susan

"This well-crafted mystery skillfully injects the Minnesota wilderness with suspense, intrigue, and quiet humor. The result is a page-turner that transports the reader into the northern woods, eye-to-eye with a murderer on one side and a wolf pack on the other."
- Jess Lourey, author of the Murder-by-the-Month series.

"...a tale that will enchant you and keep you guessing..."
   - Mysterical-E, online review

DEATH ROLL (2007)  introduced mystery's first zookeeper sleuth.
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