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About the Authors


Marilyn and Michael had been friends for many years before they decided to try to write a book together.  DEATH ROLL was created out of their mutual love of wildlife, conservation of nature, and the mystery story.   Marilyn used her experience as a docent at the Minnesota Zoo for the behind the scenes elements in the novel.  Michael had two friends who worked at the Minnesota Zoo.


For KILLER INSTINCT Michael tapped into his knowledge gained as an occasional volunteer at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.


Marilyn and Michael continue to be friends, even after writing two books together!  Michael is a married to Cathy.  They both work full-time jobs and write when they can.  


Avid animal lovers, both Marilyn and Michael have a managerie of critters at their homes.   Although they collaborate on the Snake Jones mysteries, they also write independently on their own projects, as you can see from the Short Fiction page.

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